My Smiling Mind

For ages 7- adult, this app helps kids learn and practice meditation. To calm active minds, we encourage kids and parents to listen to a calming meditation at bedtime.

FOCUS on the Go

Great for younger children and families, this app helps users increase their feelings vocabulary and identify helpful coping activities. We like that it offers family education and thoughtful discussion topics for parents.


This is a simple app that teaches young kids the connection between mood and choice. The user can pick their mood and then choose a strategy on how to overcome it.

Feel Electric!

You might like this app if you are wanting to help your child learn facial expressions. If your child likes this one, it can be a great teaching tool. The user can even create their own “mood dude.”

Team Orange

This is a great app that allows users to journal and track their feelings. We love it because it offers teens and adults a way to build and customize their own tool list. You can even upload favorite videos and songs into the app. We teach teens a lot of skills but being able to recall them when they are heated can be tough sometimes. This app is a great way to have it all quickly accessible in seconds

Take A Chill – Stressed Teens

As a teen, there are moments in your life when you’re really stressed and just need to “Take a Chill.” This app is full of tools to help manage that stress, and bring mindful practices into a daily routine. Using quick mindful exercises and thoughtful activities, one can begin to overcome those moments whether it’s studying for a test or preventing negative thoughts and patterns.

Love Maps

The Love Maps app was developed by couple’s experts John and Julie Gottman. The Gottmans have done extensive research on what makes marriages work. They found that one of the keys to relationship success is the quality of your “love maps.”